This paper proposes a high voltage gain indirect matrix converter to eliminate the voltage degradation problems in AC drive. The proposed converter consists of modified LC-C-LC single-phase bridge rectifier combined with a three-phase Z-source inverter. The combined design of LC-C-LC filter with the single-phase diode rectifier is able to step up DC rectified voltage greater than peak AC input voltage without the requirement to active switching devices. In addition, it can also reduce the input current harmonics, improve input power factor and reduce reactive power consuming from AC supply. To further increase boost capability of the proposed converter and eliminate the voltage degradation problems, the LC-C-LC rectifier is combined with a Z-source inverter. This combination not only increase the converter’s voltage gain but also reduce the reactive power and converter’s size through using small LC-C-LC and Z-source parameters which consequently increase the system’s efficiency. A new Modified Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation (MSVPWM) method has been proposed in order to dominate the shoot-through duty ratio of Z-source inverter. This method results in reducing the level of harmonic for the output current and increasing the dynamic range of the shoot-through duration. The overall drive system has been simulated and analyzed using a hybrid simulation between OrCAD/PSpice and Matlab/Simulink environments through using SLPS integration platform.