University of Technology, Electromechanical Eng. Department ,Diala ,Iraq


The purpose of this paper is to design and manufacture the electrical laser alarm system to assess the buckling failure of 304 stainless steel column and to estimate the critical buckling load (Pcr) under increasing compressive load without shot peening (WSP) and with shot peening (SP). The evaluation of the critical buckling load (Pcr ) was done experimentally and theoretically for long and intermediate pinned – fixed columns. The experimental results revaled that 25 min. shot peening time (SPT) improved the critical buckling load (Pcr ) by 13.3% - 15.39% improvement percentage (IP) for long columns while 18.51% - 23.07% for intermediates. Also it was observed that reducing the effective length (Leff ) resulting in increasing the effect of 25 min. shot peening time (SPT) and kept constant when effective length (Leff ) larger than 200mm. The difference percentage (DP) obtained from theoretically and experimentally comparison between the critical buckling load (Pcr ) was 33.33 to 41.18 for without shot peening and 23.07 to 33.34 for 25 min. shot peening time (SPT) based on Euler and Johnson theories for both long and intermediate columns. Also it was revaled that increasing the slenderness ratio (S.R) reducing the critical buckling load (Pcr) for both columns and both conditions of testing without shot peening (WSP) and shot peening (SP).