This work aims to protect homes against danger, damage, and any criminal activity using Passive Infrared (PIR) and LASER sensors. Depending on cutting beam that emitted from the laser source or from PIR, there are three cases to warn; the first case (without GSM (Global System Mobile)) to issue a warning aerobically by sound. The second case (with GSM modem and Arduino), will be sent a warning SMS (Short Message Service) directly to the user through GSM Networks. In addition, final case with GSM and Arduino, gives the order to the phone (Nokia 6500) snapped a picture and is sent to the user depending on GSM networking MMS (Multimedia Message Service). The LASER sensor is used to detect any move depending on cutting beam. The PIR is used to detect a human body. In addition, the devise cannot work until activated by the user through the password (to activate protection device) as well as confidential in the same way it is closed. This system is built with open source hardware (Arduino uno 328). Beside to software has been the use of Micro C language in programming microcontroller (Arduino uno 328) addition to Proteus program to simulate the work of Ardino.