Evaluation and an experimental study of the performance of solar water distillation by using collector box with the aperture area of the water distillation of (1*0.6) m. The obtained results are shown that the amount of distilled water increased with increasing the solar radiation temperature. The highest solar water distillation efficiency was found equal to 11.4% for rainy and partially cloudy day between 8am to 10am for 12/4/2016. Also the second higher efficiency was found equal to 5.155 for a sunny day between 10am to 12 pm for 20/4/2016. The results indicated that the distilled water can be obtained on if even the weather condition very bad and the solar radiation very low as well as the higher amount of distilled water can be obtained at higher values of solar radiation intensity. Experimental results showed the higher ambient temperature lower the condensation, which lowering the amount of distilled water.