The impact strength of Al6061/SiC metal matrix composites reinforced with nanoparticles of weight percentage (3%, 6%, 9% & 12%) was studied. The composites were fabricated using liquid metallurgy technique. The results revealed that the Al6061/SiC metal matrix composites exhibited better hardness and impact strength than the Al 6061 alloy. Such improvement in the mechanical properties was observed with increasing the weight percentage of SiC nanoparticles and this increase both the hardness and impact strengths of the composites. The impact strength of 12 wt% nano SiCp aluminum composites showed the maximum strength. The effect of the nanoparticles was acted as barriers to dislocation motion. It is seen that the impact energy of the composites increase gradually with filler content increasing from 3 to 12 wt%. SEM were carried out to identify the uniform distribution of nanoparticles in composites.