In this work, it has been used two methods to prepare ferrite thin film: festival “Auto combustion “and secondly “Pulse laser deposition” to synthesis copper ferrite as powder and thin film respectively. Different physical properties have been studied. XRD results indicated that synthesized ferrite as powder and thin film with two different energy (700-800) mJ prepared, where single cubic phase with spinel structure have. SEM photographs showed the spherical shape of particles with average size in range (88-109µm) and how these particles would create a uniform shape of film via laser with energy 800 mJ. Transmittance results showed that thin films prepared with low energy (i.e. 700 mJ) has higher transmittance as compared with that prepared via high energy. Furthermore more thin films band gap recorded increment from 3.8eV - 3.97 eV as laser energy increased from 700 mJ to 800mJ.