Pilesr are both statically and dynami cally tried to acquire the limit and to check outline. The two sorts will give comes about that may differ in light of the technique utilized as a part of leading the test. It is thusly, important to think about the aftereffects of a static load test with dynamic load test. Numerous comparison studies are directed around the world, yet the vast majority of them are for displacement driven pile. In this way, the consequences of the test are looked at for substitution-exhausted piles. The piles are tested statically before dynamic test. The test results show that a not too bad comprehension was expert between both the tests with in addition to less 7mm at design load regarding settlement. Moderately, the settlement foreseen in powerful load test is littler diverged from static load test. Regarding absolute bearing limit, Davisson's technique gives the insignificant outrageous load regard diverged from various strategies. The Davisson's strategy is utilized to analyze the outcomes since it is more moderate. The examination shows that the piles are inside 15% in regard as far as possible traversed Davisson's strategy. Since the static test was coordinated before unique test, the limit got from dynamic test is higher because of the pile experienced flexible pressure amid static load test and furthermore because of soil setup.