This study describes an experimental work that was made to evaluate the effect of wetting and drying cycles on the behavior of concrete specimens externally strengthened with CFRP laminates. The experimental work included testing of twenty-three concrete specimens externally strengthened with CFRP laminates in different positions, with two compressive strength levels. The experimental variables considered in the test program include, compression strength of concrete, number of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) strip layers, using CFRP strips throughout the total length of the specimen or within the middle third, and the number of wetting and drying cycles. The testing program included compression strength test, four-point flexural test, direct tension test, single and double face shear tests. The experimental results show that the increasing time of exposure to wetting and drying cycles lead to a significant increase in compressive strength, increasing the cracking loads which reached up to 22%., and decreasing the ultimate load carrying capacity.