In this research a high purity copper powder was fabricated via wires explosion technique using copper wire with (99%) purity by the following dimensions (300 mm length, 0.2 mm diameter) on glass substrate inside vacuum chamber and under ambient argon gas, with the utilization of 2.2 KV of explosion voltage and 100 J of storage energy. The used wire purity and structural and morphology properties of the powder surface were diagnosed via X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF), X-RayqDiffraction (XRD), ScanningqElectron Microscopy (SEM) and AtomicqForce Microscope (AFM). Experimental results showed that the average particle.size of the prepared copper powder was in the rangeqof (20-40 nm) and the samples have high purity and no impurities were observed which makes this nanopowder suitable for many applications especially as additives in lubricating oil for tribological characteristics improvement and suitable catalyst in the heat exchanger systems in the industrial installations.