Recently appeared many trends in architecture design, one of theme is “Barometric Design”, especially
after the emergence of digital-oriented modeling programs within Construction, which needs high
accuracy, and Craft. Although this concept has been notice in previous ancients like pyramids and
ziggurats, the most of studies constrain on general aspects of Barometric design-on over all building and
the mechanisms and digital programs related to it - ,and little studies cares about the relationship of this
concept with specific material like brick. The aim of the research: clarify the role of barometric design in
dealing with bricks in contemporary building facades. The research problem was Lack of clarity of the
role of barometric design in contemporary buildings facades that use bricks as essential material. This was
based on assumption: barometric attitude helps to give the bricks high expression ability and quality in
contemporary facades. The brick assume as parameter part of parametric integration .Research
methodology is analytical descriptive consist of three steps, first: exploring research problem, second:
establishing theoretical framework, about parametric design concept within brick facades (its expressive
ability, goals, dimension, its function and mechanics), third: practical study (building measurement,
identify case study samples), drive findings and conclusions. The main conclusion was, the design with
barometric attitude using brick material in facades helps to display emotion and visual contribute, as well
as decrease cost and support environmental solutions (climate and sound).