Due to the local conditions that prevailed in the riverside landscape, the landscapers should be aware of the
natural role of the ecological aesthetic, which has its importance in attracting the attention of the community
and directed it towards the ecological environment, and from the discussion we have the problem which is,
“the absence of studies to clarify the natural dimension of riverside ecological landscape”. Thereby
determining the target put forward is to provide a database for the designers of riverside landscape, and
through theoretical studies emerged the importance of the natural dimension. Also, there are three
ecological components emerged in to achieve this dimension, and the component are (patch, edge, path) in
riverside, thus the research began to test the hypothesis through analysis of riverside projects, and the
results confirmed what referred to the hypothesis. The study then moved to test what had been reached on
the results of local development projects to the riverside of the Tigris River in Baghdad. In addition, the
result called for providing a proposal and come up with a summary of recommendations on how to achieve
natural dimension in ecological aesthetic of the Tigris riverside landscape.