Rhythm is one of the important principles in analyze and synthesis of forms. This concept in its association
with attritions produces simple, interval hidden rhythm within Euclidean geometry. In non- Euclidean
geometry and Chaos theory with their properties like self-similarity, scaling and fractal dimension the
concept of Rhythm was describe as relaying between order and surprise. Previous literature interpreted
fractal Rhythm in respect to famous Paintings and some of pioneer architects works but this concept remain
unknown in Traditional building. The research problem constrain on the lake of information about
Fractal Rhythm in Traditional Houses in particular. The research objective is to explore the main
aspects and principles of Fractal Rhythm in traditional building in Baghdad (in Al-Kadhimiya district).
Research methodology depended on :First, develop theoretical framework second, determine measurement
by adapting music as a Source of Fractal Rhythms as well as determine the main variables and case study
,Third: drive finding and conclusion . The main conclusion is the order and Fractal rhythm of traditional
houses more close to nature fractal structure, it is active more than statics, this activeness and changeability
will not lead the whole structure to the creation of a state of confusion mess or disorder.