It was done in this study the preparation of bricks refractory from Iraqi Flint and adding Iraqi white kaolin as a binding material in ratio (25, 30, 35, 40, 45)%. The samples were formed by dry pressing, dried at room temperature for 24hr then at (110)̊C for 6hr then fired at (1200)˚C with soking time for 2hr. Linear shrinkage, Apparent density, Porosity, water absorption and microstructure by (SEM) as physical properties, diametrical strength and surface roughness as mechanical testing, and thermal conductivity, linear thermal expansion and thermal shock resistance as thermal properties were studied in this study. According to (SEM) and (XRD) results, the refractories consist of mullite phase and glass phase. The results show the increase of linear shrinkage and decrease of apparent porosity and water absorption with the increasing of kaolin adding because of the increasing of ceramic raw material, which mean increasing of glass phase. For the same reason linear thermal expansion increase with the kaolin adding increasing.