Ministry of Science and Technology Directorate of Materials Researches Baghdad, Iraq


In this research a polymeric composites have been prepared using epoxy resin reinforced with fiber glass and two nano fillers silicon oxide SiO2 particle size around 35 nm and titanium dioxide TiO2 particle size around (100-150 nm). These composites have been prepared in square slices (25x25) cm and 8mm thickness, by saturating fiber glass mattresses in the liquid epoxy resin with nano fillers and then cutting the product in suitable shapes to conduct the mechanical tests highest properties (tensile strength, elongation, Flexural strength, hardness strength, and impact strength. were (116.1 N/mm2, 9.98%, 396 N/mm2, 83.8 shore-D and 5.8 J). The aim of this research is to prepare polymeric materials with high mechanical properties that can be used in many industrial applications especially in the manufacture of oil and gas pipe systems and crude oil pipelines.