The presence of water in the pavement structure causes early deterioration and leads to less pavement durability as a result of loss of bond between aggregate and binder and may causes loss of strength and stability in mixture, The main goal of this study was to investigate the effect of various polymer additives on permeability of asphalt concrete mixture. The surface wearing coarse type IIIA was chosen in this study. Three types of polymer additives were used in this study; (7% Latex Emulsion (LE), 7% Poly Vinyl Acetate with 4% Styrene Butadiene Styrene (PVA + SBS) and 8% Ethylene Diamine (ED)). The results appeared that the permeability average of all mixtures were (27.745, 17.18, 7.773 and 11.409 * 10 -5 cm/s) for (control blend, LE, PVA+SBS and ED) and the percent of decreasing in permeability were (48.52%, 74.547% and 58.312%) for (LE, (PVA + SBS) and ED) respectively.