comprehensive research has been carried out to understand the effect of adding carbon fibers to density and ultrasonic pulse velocity of self-compacting concrete. Fifteen SCC mixes were prepared with two types of mineral admixtures and carbon fibers. Metakaoline and silica fume were used as mineral admixtures while carbon fibers were used as fiber inclusions. Two different fiber length (6mm and12mm) and fiber fraction (0.1 % and 0.5 %) was used. Different parameters such as slump flow diameter, T500 time, V-funnel time, blocking ratio and filling height difference were used to evaluate fresh state properties. Air-dry density and Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity values are determined for mixes at age of 7, 28, 90 and 180 days. The experimental results indicate that concrete mixes contained carbon fiber showed higher air dry density than concrete mixes without fiber, the percentage increase were between 0.85% to 3.31% at age (7,28,90 and 180) days respectively. Concrete mixes contained carbon fiber compared with the reference mixes without carbon fiber exhibits an increase in the ultrasonic pulse velocity values of about 0.74% to 5% at age (7,28,90 and 180) days respectively .