This search include to produce Al-SiC composites, containing two different weight percentages 25%, 50%, of SiC and sintering at three different temperatures (300,400,600) ̊C have been fabricated by powder metallurgy method. Wear,Vickers microhardness characteristics of Al–SiC composites have been tested, in Wear test has been investigated under sliding conditions and compared with those observed in pure aluminum. Wear sliding tests have been carried out using pin-on-disk wear test rate normal loads of 500 g and at constant sliding velocity of 500 rpm. While in Vickers test the load that are used 50 g, 0.49N for 15 sec.,Weight loss of samples was measured and the variation of cumulative Wear loss with increasing temperature and with SiC additives has been found for both pure aluminum and the composites. It was also observed that the Wear rate varies with normal load and found that a better values in addition 1g in SiC composites at 600̊C but lower in composites of 25% and in pure Al at other sintering temperature, on the other hands it’s found a fluctuation in (600,400,300)̊C, at 25 % at 5min, 3min.this return to the same reason of adhesive wear and its type. in Vickers micro hardness has high values for 600̊C , for both pure Al and Al SiC composite, and this fluctuation also seen in time of wear rates that be lower value in 1min., 5 min. while in 3 min. has a high value,