1 College of basic education,Al-Mustansirya University,Iraq-Baghdad

2 Colage of education for purescience , Diyala University,Iraq-Dyala

3 Colage of Engineering,Diyala University,Iraq-Dyala


Software Product Line Engineering (SPLE) have been widely studied by many researchers and they have been used to solve different real-world applications that have more than design. However, most (SPLEs) work well only when using standard model depends on strategic of (SPLE ).Theses strategies implemented through three stages Domaine engineering, design portfolio with a road map and application engineering. Domaine engineering considered the first stage of any design depends on (SPLE) contents on some of the methods such as Feature Model Diagram (FMD), Orthogonal Variability Model (OVM) and Domain Requirements (DR).They implement by using use case diagram and find link with all of them via (OVM ).Next stage for any design depends on (SPLE) developing features that used in previously designed depending on the design new portfolio and roadmap using methods called Questionnaires and statics. In this paper, we modify and produced hybrid design model through developed all features in previous design model to producing the new portfolio and roadmap for E-commerce model depending on making a survey. The proposed new hybrid design depends on using new methods to find which one is best from features, we were used Kano model to design the questionnaire to get true evaluation results of the survey, which was conducted by 83 from academic and researcher and 129 university students of whom 45 graduate students and 84 students and about 53 interested practitioners in design and others interesting buying from the internet and e-commerce.