Nanoparticles are a special group of materials with unique features and extensive application in diverse fields .The present work demonstrates the toxicity effect of porous silicon nanoparticalse on kidney parameter which is prepared by electrochemical etching method. We conformed the synthesis of porous silicon nanoparticles by using structures and optical properties from through scanning electron microscope techniques and measuring absorbance of color. The study of toxicity effect of these nanoparticles on the kidney parameters in laboratory animals by used five groups was studied. Injected of porous silicon nanoparticles in the intraperitoneal at concentration of 1mgkg. The results of biochemical assay (urea and creatinine) compared with the control groups, for a period of four weeks was confirmed with Histology section of kidney. Our results showed that no significant differences in levels (urea and creatinine) between the test groups when compared with controls groups. This Results indicates no toxic effect of porous silicon nanoparticles in kidney parameters