1 Sanitary and Environmental Engineering, Dept. of Civil Engineering, University of Technology, Iraq.

2 College of Engineering, Environmental Engineering Department, University Babylon, , Iraq.

3 Department of Civil Engineering, University of Technology, Iraq.


This paper studied the impact of the addition of pulse electric-filed low voltage (PEF-LV) in the filtration process by designing, constructing, and operating a pilot-scale. The Disinfectant process (DP) demonstrated several benefits in terms of efficiency and ease of application, without the use of any chemical additive. This system contains two pairs of silver mesh electrodes inside the filtration column test with a low pulse voltage for killing microorganisms. The parametric effects of DP performance, such as alternating current pulse frequency and the voltage applied were investigated. The effect of PEF-LV on the biological, physical, and chemical characteristic of water was studied. The transmission electron microscopy (TEM) was used to examine the change of the cell wall morphology of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus cells for influent, and treated water. The results show the removal efficiency of E. coli and S. aureus 96 % at 30 V and 0.5 Hz.