1 Civil Engineering Dept., University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq,

2 Civil Engineering Dept., University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq,


The current study is designed to analyze theslope stability of Haditha damwhich is an earth-fill dam constructed on the Euphrates River in the middle-west of Iraq. Finite element modeling was used in the present study to analyze the combined seepage and post-earthquake slope stability of Haditha earth dam. The maximum water level of a steady seepage case was considered to evaluate seepage. - Three different water levels (maximum, normal, and minimum) were applied, and nine different equilibrium slope stability limits were used to analyze the upstream and downstream slopes of the dam with three horizontal maximum accelerations.The input data given to the software are the dam geometry and its material properties with the earthquake records in the year2019.The dam was investigated by considering the water in the reservoir to be at maximum, minimum and normal water levels in its actual design. It was concluded that the dam is on the safe side in terms of stability even though the change in the earthquake's conditions in Iraq.