Department of Computer Engineering, Engineering College, University of Mosul, Nineveh, Iraq,


The concept of cloud computing has recently changed how hardware, software, and information are handled. However, security challenges and credibility requirements have never changed and may have increased. Protecting cloud computing and providing security for its resources and users is one of the critical challenges. As a result, most users are afraid to use their resources, because many security problems must be met. For example, authentication and reliability are major security constraints and must be provided in a cloud computing environment. There is a wide range of authentication protocols in use, but the researcher has recommended the Kerberos protocol to represent and test it in a complex environment such as a mixed cloud environment.
A model has been developed to implement Kerberos authentication in a hybrid cloud computing environment to securely access the cloud computing services provided. This model is represented using the OPNET Modeler 14.5 simulation system. The network efficiency was measured before and after the hacker. Findings presented in this research are supporting the ability of the Kerberos protocol to prevent illegal access to cloud computing services, whether from within the private cloud or the public cloud. While maintaining the efficient performance of the network.