1 Computer Sciences, University of Technology, Bagdad-Iraq,

2 Computer Sciences, University of Technology, Bagdad-Iraq,


Video encrypting is one technique to protect digital videos, it used to avoid unwanted interference and viewing of the transmitted videos. In this paper, a new selective video cryptography algorithm is suggested using light stream algorithm. As it known video size is large in size and it consume time in the encryption process, ChaCha a light encryption algorithm has been used to reduce the encryption time, encryption is done by Xoring frames of video with the key generated from ChaCha algorithm, it produced an acceptable results from robustness point view, but still encryption process consumed time, thus to speed up this process, feature detection operator (FAST) is used to encrypt key points result from FAST operator, in addition key points from this is increased to optimized between speed and robustness of proposed algorithm. In evaluation process, some of measuring quality factors MSE, PSNR, Correlation, NPCR, UACI and entropy are specified for evaluating and comparing between two suggested encryption algorithms which gave good result in encryption process (ChaCha and ChaCha with FAST Enhancement). Experimental results have discovered that the current projected has less encrypting time and better encrypting influence