1 University of Technology, Computer Science Department, Baghdad, Iraq,

2 University of Technology Computer Science Department, Baghdad, Iraq,


Smart home indicates an application for different technological implementations, it could indicate any system which controls the door lock and several other devices. Facial identification which is an important section to achieve surveillance and safety, especially for handicapped people, can be considered as one of the ways that deal with biometrics and performed to identify facial images via utilizing fundamental features of the face. A Raspberry Pi-based face recognition system using conventional face detection and recognition techniques is going to be supplied, so the method in which image-built biometrics uses a Raspberry Pi is described. The aim of the paper here can be considered as transferring face recognition to a level in which the system can replace the utilizing of RF I-Cards and a password to access any system of security and making the system alive and protect the door from being open by hackers, especially by using the picture of an authorized person, we make the raspberry pi turn off and cannot turn on only by a command from the authorized person's mobile. The result of the presented proposal is a system that uses face recognition by utilizing OpenCV, Raspberry Pi, and it functions on an application of Android, and this system percentage becomes 99.63%. It should be cost-effective, of high performance, secured, and easy to use, which can be used in any smart home application.