1 Mechanical Eng. Dept, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq.

2 Mechanical Eng. Dept., University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq.

3 Mechanical Eng. Dept. University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq.


This research aims to study the effect of using the anodizing process on the corrosion rate, mechanical properties as well as the fatigue life for aluminum alloy (7075-T73), which is one of the most commonly used aluminum alloy in production of aircrafts, vehicles and ships structures. The anodizing process was employed through using sulfuric acid for time (20) min in a salty atmosphere. The mechanical properties and fatigue life of the AA7075-T73 were obtained before and after the anodizing process. All the results were listed in detailed tables and figures for comparison purpose. Generally, these results showed a decrease in corrosion rate by (155.06%) in comparison with untreated, an increase in hardness by (21.54%) and a slight decrease in fatigue life by (7.7%) due to anodizing for a time of 20 min at the stress level of (σa = 491.10 MPa). It was concluded that this technique could be applied on other aluminum alloys in order to know the magnitude of change in the mechanical characteristics and their fatigue life.


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