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1 University of Babylon, College of Engineering, Dep. of Mechanical Eng., Babylon - Iraq

2 University of Babylon, College of Engineering, Dep. Of Mechanical Eng., Babylon - Iraq


The current work includes the dynamic structural analysis of wire rope with different helix angle. The main objectives are; estimating the stress and deflection for each helix angle, comparing the results to get the best helix angle suitable for practical applications. This paper falls into two parts: The first part includes modal analysis for the models of wire rope using finite element method with certain boundary conditions that are suitable to obtain the first five frequencies for each helix angle and the second part focuses on harmonic analysis of wire rope to estimate stress and deflection and compares maximum results that coincide with the first natural frequency of each model. In the analysis the results of each helix angle were compared to other helix angle results, the structure of 82° helix angle have the smallest stresses and deflection. That means when the helix angle increases the flexibility decrease and rigidity increase.


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