Control and Systems Engineering Department, Baghdad, Iraq


Step down DC-DC converters are power electronic circuits, which mainly used to convert voltage from a level to a lower level. In this paper, a discontinuous controller is proposed as a control method in order to control Step-Down DC-DC converters. A Lyapunov stability criterion is used to mathematically prove the ability of the proposed controller to give the desired voltage. Simulationsl1 are performedl1 in MATLABl1 software. The simulationl1 resultsl1 are presentedl1 for changesl1 in referencel1 voltagel1 and inputl1 voltagel1 as well as stepl1 loadl1 variations. The resultsl1 showl1 the goodl1 performancel1 of the proposedl1 discontinuousl1 controller.


Main Subjects

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