Document Type : Research Paper


1 Environmental Research Center, University of Technology - Iraq

2 Building and Constriction Engineering Department, University of Technology, Baghdad - Iraq


They used anew-green technology phytoremediation to reduce and remove pollutants from the soil. The purpose of the current research study was to survey the effect of soil pollution with a variety of doses of crude oil on the generation and growth of the plants. The study was made for 120 days from March to June in a control condition in the greenhouse and laboratory. Unpolluted soil near the Tigris River was taken and be polluted with varied doses of crude oil. They used alfalfa, Cotton and Grass in this research to reduce pollution. It made a comparison between the results of the three plants species to choose the best plant for total petroleum hydrocarbons removal from the soil. Grass plant gave the greatest result in total petroleum hydrocarbons removal, which gave up to 50.66% for Treatment 4, and cotton came in second place with 49.82% removal rate in treatment 2. Alfalfa came at the end with a removal rate of 31.78% for treatment 2 of the crude oil.