Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Applied Mechanics, Technical College-Baghdad, Middle Technical University, Iraq.

2 Control and System Engineering Department, University of Technology-Iraq.


Process capability indices are a powerful tool used by quality control engineering to measure the degree to which the process is or is not meeting the requirements. This paper studies the application of process capability indices in the evaluation of a process with asymmetric tolerances. The analyzed collected data of the cleaning liquid “Zahi”, was used to investigate the ability of the filling process to meet the requested specifications. Matlab software was used to plot ̅ ̅ control charts, normal probability, and histogram of the data gathered from the production line and further performed statistical calculations. It was observed from the control charts that the filling process is under control. In addition, it was revealed by the process capability indices that the process of filling the cleaning liquid bottle is not fitted with the target value but it is adequate.


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