Document Type : Research Paper


1 Al-Mustaqbal University College, Hilla, Iraq

2 Al-Mustaqbal University College, Hilla,Iraq


This study introduces an application of using Process Capability Index as an approach in evaluating the teaching process. The goal of the study is to build and represent a measure to the effectiveness of teaching process and its impact on the learning level of students. Two groups of students in AL- Mustaqbal University Colledge are taken as a sample. Many quizzes (short exams) were done with each group and their scores were recorded. A statistical analysis is made and the process capabilities are calculated. Results shows that this control technique was effective in improving scores of students and hence the learning level of them .The impact of teaching process on the learning level of a group of students can be represented by two aspects first of them is how far the average score from the target put by the teacher and the second is the range of diversion of these scores about the target value. There are many ways to investigate the learning level of students but the scores gained in consequent exams still be the more direct and representative way. Therefore, this study takes scores as a distinct variable to monitor the process.


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