Document Type : Research Paper


Electromechanical Eng. Dept., University of Technology - Iraq


The presence of ethical conduct within university institutions promote positive attitude among employees these institutions also provide them with a reference to which they revert to determine what is the proper conduct. The commitment to compliance with the ethics of engineering education is a definite indication of the degree of pertinence to the profession. That ethical conduct in universities is one of the superiority standards as well as in the guidelines of granting reliability for university institutions. In this research we discussed how to educate engineering students about work ethics by deliberating the importance of considering work ethics subject with the engineering courses in several ways. This research as well presents the role of university professor and the significance of being a role model in work ethics to be the main source for students to teach them the anticipated ethics through him/her. Particularly with the rapid changes in various fields of life which led to the emergence new challenges that the community has never faced previously. The present research implicated field study through a questionnaire that a group of university engineering professors participated in which included a questionnaire form with questions about key objectives, principles and foundations that should be incorporated into the ethical program of engineering students.


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