Document Type : Research Paper


1 Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control, Baghdad, Iraq,

2 Materials Engineering Department, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq.

3 Materials EngineeringDepartment, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq


Many of the polymeric materials used for structural purposes have weak mechanical properties, these characteristics can therefore be improved by preparing a hybrid laminar composite. In this work use melting mixing method using screw extruder to prepare sheets of polymer blends and nanocomposites based on polymer blends, and using a hot hydraulic press machine to prepared hybrid laminates composites. Two groups of hybrid laminar composites were prepared, the first group is consist of [((94%PP: 5%PMMA: 1 %( PP-g-MA)): 0.3% ZrO2): 6%KF and 8%KF] and the second group is [((94%PP: 5%UHMWPE: 1 %( PP-g-MA)): 0.3% ZrO2): 6%KF and 8%KF]. The results illustrated the impact strength and fracture toughness are increase with increased weight percentage of Kevlar fiber in for both groups of laminar composites and the highest values for two groups are (58.1, 54.95 KJ/M2) and (8.4, 9.16 MPa√m) respectively, any that, at the rate of increment reached to (120.4%, 107%) and (52.7%, 66.5%) respectively, compared with the neat PP. Moreover, the flexural strength values of the first group samples of hybrid laminar composite remained constant, when added kevlar fiber to nanocomposite. While, the flexural strength values of the second group samples of hybrid laminar composite increase with increase the ratio of kevlar fiber in composite to reach the maximum values (92 MPa) at 8% wt. of kevlar fiber, any, at the rate of increment reached to 39.4% compared with the neat PP. As well as, the results shown that the flexural properties and fracture toughness of the second group samples higher than they are for the first group samples


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