Document Type : Research Paper


1 University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq,

2 Professor, University of Technology-Iraq, Baghdad-Iraq


This paper presents a blood pump with a bearingless brushless DC motor, supported by speed, torque, and suspension force controllers. Simulation of the pump motor and its controllers tested by MATLAB/Simulink. Two Proportional plus Integral (PI) controllers are employed for controlling the rotational speed and torque of the motor. For controlling the suspension force a comparative study is presented between the Proportional plus Integral plus Derivative (PID) controller and two inputs PID-like Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC). A particle swarm optimization technique is used to find the best values for the controller’s parameters. The results of the speed and torque controllers exhibit a good time response to reach the desired speed with a short period of time and to decrease the distorting effects of the load torque successfully. Under similar conditions, the PID-like FLC that controls the suspension forces shows a better time response compared to the PID controller. An enhancement in the responses is rated between 18% and 49%, measured using the absolute integral of error criteria on the x and y axes, and in the processing, time rated between 38% and 47%, very high oscillation suppression capability is observed in the PID-like FLC response.


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