Document Type : Research Paper


Laser and Optoelectronics department, University of Technology - Iraq


Copper Sulfide CuS thin film was prepared using pulsed laser deposition PLD technique and characterized by X-ray and SEM. The optical, structural, and morphological properties are examined at different energies 500 mJ, 600 mJ, 700 mJ, and 800 mJ. The best result was 600 mJ which annealed at various annealing temperatures 300°C, 350°C, 400°C, and 450°C. The effect of thermal annealing on CuS thin film was examined X-ray and SEM. CuS Film was simulated using a prism-based SPR optical sensor. This paper introduces the optical test study of CuS thin film deposited by pulsed laser deposition technique on the quartz substrate and supported by theoretical application study under the effect of surface plasmon resonance (SPR). In this research field, the optical and morphological characteristics of the CuS thin film were deposited by PLD at different laser energies. The annealing process was applied for better-deposited thin-film; the XRD results, SEM images, transmittance T%, and energy gap Eg were analyzed thoroughly and compared to evaluate the thin-film. This effort was made in an in-depth analysis of CuS thin film deposited by PLD on the quartz substrate and applied theoretically in surface plasmon application.