Document Type : Research Paper


1 Materials Engineering Department, University of Technology - Iraq

2 Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Research Center, University of Technology - Iraq


The current work is conducting an experimental investigation into the effect of those technical parameters, called nanomaterial, bath temperature and plating time on the micro-hardness and corrosion rate of electroless plated low carbon steel undergoing electroless deposition operation. It was used to prepare (Ni-P/ Nano TiO2), (Ni-P/ Nano Al2O3) and (Ni -P/ Nano SiO2) alloys in this research. The Taguchi design is used to describe the variations located within the corrosion and mechanical properties. To achieve a comprehensive study, a Taguchi-based design was used to account for all applicable combinations of factors. Experimental models had been advanced that linking the response and method parameters to the results of those experiments. Validation of these models is done using analysis of variance (ANOVA). The desirability function is used to simultaneously optimize all the response. Finally, the optimum combination of method parameters resulting (bath temperature=90 oC, plating time =120 min.  and Nanomaterial=(Al2O3)), nanomaterial was observed to be the major process parameter on the responses of the electroless-plated low carbon steel with an impact ratio of (47%) based on the (ANOVA) results.