Document Type : Research Paper


Materials Engineering Department, University of Technology - Iraq


The addition of agricultural and industrial solid wastes and nanomaterials to concrete combined with steel fibers to improve the mechanical and electrical properties of concrete was investigated. This approach could be used in advanced applications in electromagnetic shielding and conductive concrete. Steel fibers were used at 2%wt. of sand and (induction furnace slag (EIF), carbon nanotube (CNT), steel wool fibers, prepared corn husks) at 0.5 and 1 wt.%. of cement. Obtained results of using 1% for both carbon nanotube and steel wool with steel fibers in the mixture 4 and 6, respectively, showed the highest rates of compressive strength. A similar result was shown when tested at 3,7 and 28 days of age and compressive strength was 47.4MPa,47.34MPa for the mixture 4 and 6 respectively. The electrical conductivity and electrical resistance of the samples were measured at the age of 7 days. The findings have also shown that adding steel wool as well as( CNT) gave the best results and the sample containing the furnace slag achieved satisfactory results as well.