Document Type : Research Paper


Computer Engineering Department, University of Technology - Iraq


Hand gesture recognition is one of communication in which used bodily behavior to transmit several messages. This paper aims to detect hand gestures with the mobile device camera and create a customize dataset that used in deep learning model training to recognize hand gestures. The real-time approach was used for all these objectives: the first step is hand area detection; the second step is hand area storing in a dataset form to use in the future for model training. A framework for human contact was put in place by studying pictures recorded by the camera. It was converted the RGB color space image to the greyscale, the blurring method is used for object noise removing efficaciously. To highlight the edges and curves of the hand, the thresholding method is used. And subtraction of complex background is applied to detect moving objects from a static camera. The objectives of the paper were reliable and favorable which helps deaf and dumb people interact with the environment through the sign language fully approved to extract hand movements. Python language as a programming manner to discover hand gestures. This work has an efficient hand gesture detection process to address the problem of framing from real-time video.