Document Type : Research Paper


Applied Science Department, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq


This research has been done by reinforcing the matrix (unsaturated polyester) resin with natural material (date palm fiber (DPF)). The fibers were exposure to alkali treatment before reinforcement. The samples have been prepared by using hand lay-up technique with fiber volume fraction of (10%, 20% and 30%). After preparation of the mechanical and physical properties have been studied such as, compression, flexural, impact strength, thermal conductivity, Dielectric constant and dielectric strength. The polyester composite reinforced with date palm fiber at volume fraction (10% and 20%) has good mechanical properties rather than pure unsaturated polyester material, while the composite reinforced with 30% Vf present poor mechanical properties. Thermal conductivity results indicated insulator composite behavior. The effect of present fiber polar group induces of decreasing in dielectric strength, and increasing dielectric constant. The reinforcement composite 20% Vf showed the best results in mechanical, thermal and electrical properties.


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