Document Type : Research Paper


1 Materials Engineering Department, University of Technology, Baghdad - Iraq

2 Materials Engineering Department, University of Technology-Iraq


In the present study, the impact strength, flexural modulus, and wear rate of poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA) with eggshell powder (ESP) composites have been investigated. The PMMA used as a matrix material reinforced with ESP at two different states (including untreated eggshell powder (UTESP) and treated eggshell powder (TESP)). Both UTESP and TESP were mixed with PMMA at different weight fractions ranged from (1-5) wt.%. The results revealed that the mechanical properties of the PMMA/ESP composites were enhanced steadily with increasing eggshell contents. The samples with 5 wt.% of UTESP and TESP additions give the maximum values of impact strength, about twice the value of the pure PMMA sample. The calcination process of eggshells powders gives better properties of the PMMA samples compared with the UTESP at the same weight fraction due to improvements in the interface bond between the matrix and particles. The wear characteristics of the PMMA composites decrease by about 57% with increases the weight fraction of TESP up to 5 wt.%. The flexural modulus values are slightly enhanced by increasing of the ESP contents in the PMMA composites.


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