Document Type : Research Paper


1 Control and Systems Engineering Department, University of Technology - Iraq

2 Control and Systems Eng. Dept., University of Technology - Iraq


Recently, online-medicine got increased global interest, particularly during COVID19 pandemic. Data protection is important in the medical field since when promoting telemedicine applications, it is necessary to protect the patient data and personal information. A secured process is needed to transmit medical images over the Internet. In this paper hash algorithm is employed to protect the data by using powerful features from the coupled frequency domains of the Slantlet Transformation (SLT) and the Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT). The Region of Interest (ROI) is localized from an MRI image then extraction of a feature set is performed for calculating the hash code. Then, hash code is enciphered to maintain security by employing a secure Chaotic Shift Keying (CSK). The suggested method of security is ensured by the strength of the CSK and the encryption key secrecy.  A detailed analysis was conducted using 1000 uncompressed images that were chosen randomly from a publicly available AANLIB database. The proposed methodology can be useful for JPEG compression. Also, this method could resist many attacks of image processing likes filtering, noise addition, and some geometric transforms.