Document Type : Research Paper


Civil Engineering Dept., University of Technology-Iraq, Alsina’a street,10066 Baghdad, Iraq.


Geomatics involves the collection, management, integration, representation, analysis, modeling and display of geographically referenced information describing both the Earth’s physical features and the built environment. One of the main use of this tool is to estimate electrical energy demand throughout Al Anbar Governorate, which have major problems in this sector with about 750 to 770 MW. The consumption of the city of Al Ramadi is about 200 MW. According to official forecasts by the Directorate of Electricity Networks of Al Anbar, this demand is expected to increase to about 900 MW during the summer of 2020. The present distribution systems in Al Ramadi are mostly overhead. Gradual conversion from overhead to underground systems, particularly at the 11 kV level, is recommended, especially in the central part of the city. This will allow for higher system safety and reliability, and for a much aesthetically improved appearance. This necessitated the construction of additional backup stations. Furthermore, prepared a plan for stations that have been constructed in the year 2020, in order to meet the anticipated demand growth during the planning period. Long-term plan for the Governorate of Al Anbar in order to cope with the increased demand for electrical energy.


  • GIS can manage data on electricity distribution with data identifying attributes.
  • Estimate electrical demand throughout which have major problems in 750 to 770 MW.
  • Interactive map with databases that can be used to create maps to analyzes.
  • The digital interface allows for timely, accurate, and easy information.
  • Important for making quick and effective decisions.


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