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1 Laser and Optoelectronic Engineering Dept., University of Technology-Iraq, 10066 Baghdad, Iraq

2 Laser and Optoelectronics Engineering Department- University of Technology-Iraq-Baghdad


GaN nanostructure was Synthesized using Pulsed laser ablation in liquid ethanol with Nd:YAG laser at pulsed laser ablation energy of 1600 mj and laser wavelength of 1064 nm. The nanoparticle was deposited using the drop cast method on the prepared porous silicon substrate. The structural and optical properties of the prepared GaN were studied. XRD pattern shows a high and sharp peak of pSi peak at 2θ =28.74 reflected from (111) plane and exhibits h-GaN rise at 2θ =34.54, 2θ =37.49, 2θ= 48.19 and 2θ=57.99 which are reflected from (002), (100), (102), (110) planes respectively where (002) plane has the highest peak than others. AFM and FESM proved an increase in the grain size of GaN. The reflectance of GaN (81.79%) at the wavelength (306nm) and has an energy band gap of (3.9eV).

Graphical Abstract


  • High-quality GaN nanofilm was prepared by pulsed laser ablation in ethanol.
  •  A new, thin, layer-by-layer preparation factor of GaN nanofilm was used.
  • The structural properties showed a high and sharp peaks of the hexagonal GaN nanostructure and identical to the conventional structure of the GaN crystal.
  •  The optical properties showed an increase in the reflectivity of the gallium nanoparticles in the UV recovery.
  •  The increase in the optical bandgap energy showed a blueshift related to the size of the GaN nanoparticles grown on a porous silicon substrate.


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