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1 Production Engineering Dept, University of Technology-Iraq, Alsina’a street, 10066 Baghdad, Iraq.

2 State Company for Steel Industries, Baghdad, Iraq


The mechanical components are produced by various fabrication methods, although forged products have excellent mechanical characteristics at a minimal cost. The stress and temperature analysis process in the closed die hot forging contributed to finding failure regions in these dies through simulations in the FE program. This enables the process to be improved and reduced time and mineral losses. A simplified model was used to represent the forming process, with a temperature of (1150-950 °C) was simulated using MSC Simufact software. The forge fastener head product is formed with a horizontal mechanical press of 800 tones. In this research, the workpiece material used Ck45 alloy steel, 56NiCrMoV 7 tool material. The results illustrate the maximum equivalent stresses values, and the maximum value was 739.70 MPa / 240.64 on lower die and product at a heating temperature of 950 °C, respectively. The local plastic deformation would be expected at places where the maximum stress is generated and exceeds the yield strength of the die material.

Graphical Abstract


  • The research discussed the causes of plastic deformation in dies.
  • The temperature range employed in the forming process affected the quality of the analysis.
  • The features gained in the hot forging process were determined and thoroughly studied.
  • Development of hot forging tools and procedures.


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