Northern Technical University, Technical College of Mosul, Mosul, Iraq.


The present research investigate with Nondestructive testing (NDT) of high strength concrete (HSC). An experiential work was carried out including both destructive and nondestructive test methods utilized to various concrete mixes with compressive strength ranged from 44 to 84.4MPa.Correlation curves were derived as pulse velocity and modulus of elasticity vs. compressive strength for high strength concrete. Two empirical relations were proposed for foretelling the modulus of elasticity Ec = 0.4141f`c + 8.6077, and compressive strengths fcu = 320.85ln (V) – 467.73 with a good coefficient of determination R2 for these equations 0.94and 0.90 respectively. Obtained from cubic and cylinders using locally available materials, therefore; it has been observed that NDT is rationally good and credible tool to measure the property of concrete and gives acceptable indication of the compressive strength development. Comparisons with the ACI 318 and the ACI 363 empirical equations for the prediction of the modulus of elasticity were performed. It was observed that the ACI 363 equation underestimates the modulus of elasticity, while the ACI 318 equation overestimates.