University of Technology, Baghdad, IRAQ


This study provides practical results in the use of the composite from sulfate resistance Portland cement (PC) and Quicklime (LQ) to improve and stabilize of soils in Al - Zaafaraniya site in Baghdad governorate and the Garma Ali site in Al Basra governorate, Iraq. PC and LQ were added in percentages of 2,4,6,8 and 10% and 2 and 4%, by dry weight, respectively. Laboratory tests to determine Atterberg,s limits, standard proctor test, USC test and UUU test (unconsolidation, undrained and unsaturated) were conducted. The results achieved a significant improvement in workability, unconfined compressive strength and shear strength. The results of the unconfinedicompressiveistrength test and UUU test for natural and improved soil reveal that the shear strength increase as lime and cement content increase and with increasing curing (0, 7 and 28)days.


Main Subjects