Microwave Research Group, Department of Computer Techniques Engineering, Al-Mansur University College, Baghdad, Iraq.


This study displays two microstrip bandpass filters using dual mode loop and patch resonators in form of Cantor geometry. The proposed filters exhibits one and two bands frequency responses for each of them respectively. The microstrip filter using Cantor loop has been tested by AWR 12 software package at resonances of 4.55 and 4.58 GHz, whereas for Cantor dual band patch filter has been simulated at band frequencies of 3.6 and 6.84 GHz respectively. RT/ Duroid 6010 substrate has been adopted for filter designs with thickness and relative permittivity of 1.27 mm and 10.8, respectively. The simulated filters have notable miniaturization and frequency performances that stand for looked-for facets of the contemporary wireless uses.


Main Subjects