Production and Metallurgy Department, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq.


For achieving successful projects, effective planning and scheduling should be taken into consideration besides reaching an accepted balance among project objectives. As a result, this research focuses on attaining an effective balancing among a set of objectives that are time, cost, and number of laborers. The purpose of this research is to solve the problem of multi-objective project using multi-technique in a best possible way that accommodate with the nature of project activities. This aim is achieved by facilitating the accuracy of decision taking throughout choosing the best technique among group of techniques used in project planning and control these are; Gantt chart, crashing technique. These techniques are utilized to achieve many objectives. A new mixed approach named as Concurrency-Partitioning and Crashing Techniques (CPCT) has been suggested. In order to overcome the conflicting that might occurs among these objectives, Fuzzy Decision Support System (FDSS) is employed based on fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Making method (fuzzy MCDM). The results showed that mixed approach (CPCT) was the best one that achieved multi-objective with best balancing. Both of project time and cost have decreased by 19.5% and 2.6% respectively, while the total number of laborers had increased by 8.8%.


Main Subjects