In this research work the weldability of AISI 410 martensitic stainless steels (SS) LP-blades of steam turbine joined by GTAW (gas tungsten arc welding); inconel-3 filler wire was investigated. To study the mechanical performance and microstructural characteristics of the welded joint, the optical-microscopic and micro-hardness were applied along the cross-section of specimens, respectively. Line/Point and EDS technique were used to predict the chemical composition of welding joint. WDS MAP/ WDS LINK (Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy) used to know the movement of elements along the weldments. Results showed that micro-hardness along the HAZ regions increased. Microstructure photographs revealed γ-austenite as predominate phase along weld-metal. X-ray image with magnification 10μm showed two phases: dendritic (dark region) and interdendrite (light region) phases. Moreover, coarse grains appeared in HAZ zone of both weldments. In addition, chemical composition appeared carbon aggregated at interface.


Main Subjects