Technical Institute, Al-dour, Northern Technical University, Mosul, Iraq.


With the rapid growth of communication networks, reliable and economical communication systems are needed and can be implemented in buildings. PLC uses electrical wiring to transmit information and provides high-speed and cheap data communications, such as home networks and Internet access. PLC is a hostile environment for communication, making communication signals spread difficult and experiencing significant challenges such as noise, attenuation and interference. This research focus on the challenges of communications via power lines such as distance and stability. Performance factors are tested and studied through the actual application of communication networks by connecting modems and computers in the network via power sockets to test the impact of distance on information transmission. The low data transfer rate when increasing the distance was clear, which means that the data transfer is inversely proportional to the distance, there was also a difference in stability when actual data are transferred and in the case of non-actual data transfer, as described later in the practical part. In order to reduce the effect of long distances and to overcome attenuation requires the use of high-speed modems and implements advanced modulation technique such as OFDM that applied in the PLC systems.


Main Subjects