Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq.


One of the major problems of the inductive coupling link in the biomedical implantable devices is the misalignment between coils. This paper produces two simple suggested methods to avoid and reduce the misalignment between two coils. The first one is to split the implanted coil into two identical coils with 450 μH of inductance where the external coil was equal to them in inductance ~ 900μH.  The results show that the received powers are constant and compensated by one of the coils, which provides a stable power at the implant. The second proposed suggestion is to use two separated identical coils situated in the center angles outside the human skin. The transmitting RF power of the both coils has a same resonance frequency and received with a single small implant coil, which sums the received RF signals where the amplitudes are double. The mathematical analysis of the second suggestion is introduced. 


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